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Our company has many years of experience in the process design and equipment manufacturing of chili edible powder and pigment granules. With the joint efforts of our company's technicians and users, we have effectively solved the problems of paste screen, high seed content in Pepper skin and high skin content in pepper seed in the processing of high moisture pepper. Through the upgrading of equipment and the optimization of process, we have realized a 60 ton / day production line with only three workers per shift.


  • 針對辣椒中糖、果膠、脂肪含量高的特點專業設計,具有不糊篩、同等篩孔粉碎顆粒度細的特點。 According to the high content of sugar, pectin and fat in Capsicum, it is designed professionally. It has the characteristics of no paste screen and the same mesh size

  • 可配置自動控制儀,根據粉碎機的負荷,自動調節喂料量,保證粉碎機在工況下工作。

    The automatic controller can be configured to automatically adjust the feeding amount according to the load of the crusher, so as to ensure that the crusher works under the best working condition.



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